(re)School Sprint '22

What does the school of the future look like?

On May 3rd 2022 young changemakers from all over the world came together to share their perspective on school

They then had the opportunity to present their insights to the participants of the (re)School Sprint 2022, a global event organized by innovationhub.school in which school innovators came together to imagine and prototype innovative solutions for their schools.

On May 13th, after having spent time re-imagining what education and the schooling system could look like, they presented their videos during the (re)School Sprint Showcase event. Watch what they had to say in this mash-up video.

The Methodology

(re)School Sprint Dialogue Group

Watch youth voices come together in this mash-up video in which teams talk a bit about the outcome of the YCM Dialogue Group with a focus on education and creating the school of the future. What do young changemakers have to say around this topic? How can we empower them to raise their voices and proactively create this change?

Young changemaker voices from around the world

How the rigid systems of exams and evaluating with grades can truly change learning from being about acquiring knowledge and integrating it into an important life experience to just memorising, just saving information and forgetting it later
Rana Mostafa
I’m about to graduate from High School, and I don’t know the first thing about making a budget, writing a resume or doing my taxes, I wish the schools would teach us this.
Altamira International School team
We know that schools need to teach us subjects, although we do believe other subjects should be taught as well. These subjects could include: the basics of economy, our national and international politics, the laws of your own country, how to manage your own money, etc. Our central idea is that school should prepare us for life, and not exams.
St. Nicholas School team
Start creating subjects and courses at basic primary school level where students can learn SDGs, climate change and global issues
Teh Triump Kia

Some of their projects and solutions

Hands on experience, taking action: ‘How could we save a life tomorrow?‘. We decided to give food and warm clothes to homeless people.

Learning subjects such as the basics of economics, national and international politics, laws of your country, how to manage your money.

Avoiding hospital-like rooms, they are detrimental to our learning. We visited learning spaces aimed at younger students and they were more adapted.

A learner-based film studio to foster peer connections, autonomy and creativity.

Using various ways of learning: debating, teamwork, classrooms without walls, teaching.

Having trusting adults that can support our social and emotional needs, learning mindfulness.

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