Multiply the energy of Young Changemakers!

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YCM Partner!

Connect with a proactive GenZ audience.

Engage them in their vision for the future.

Collaborate with them.

Mobilize your organization.


Demonstrate your commitment to global issues and youth causes

Sponsor the challenge, mentor a team, involve your employees.


Hear the voice of Gen Z through the Global Youth Briefings

Empower the upcoming generation of leaders


Mobilize your youth and offer them a revealing learning experience

Provide local/regional support and connect to a network of likeminded players


Provide students with a revealing learning experience

Give academic credit for experience in the world of initiative building

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Youth Organizations

Who You Are

Local, regional and global NGO and association working with youth aged 14-25 and who wish to offer them new perspectives and opportunities to connect with likeminded people.

As a Partner you will...

  • Invite your youth community to join
  • Co-Host a Regional or Global Dialogue Group and bring in your expertise
  • Offer guidance to some teams in your region/area of expertise during and after the Challenge how to find solutions and make an impact

What’s in it for you?


Offer your youth community an international, real-world experience


Engage with youth communities, ambassadors and likeminded organisations from all over the world


Expand your reach as #YCM Partner featured in our channels


Participate in the events around the Global Youth Briefing with stakeholders and decision makers



 International companies that have high principles in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, and who want to empower a new generation of future leaders. 

Impact investors and incubators looking to attract young, talented entrepreneurs and their first changemaking ventures.


  • 64% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay more for products from brands that embrace causes they identify with
  • Engage with GenZ and build a narrative that integrates into their positive impact strategies; 
  • Motivate employees through connection with proactive engaged youth groups 
  • Mentor the next generation of leaders as they build their first changemaking initiative.


  • Sponsor the YCM Challenge to help cover organization and developmental costs plus financial support for winning projects
  • Spread the voice of the YCM Challenge by sharing through different media
  • Involve company employees through different available roles such as jury, team mentor
  • Create connections with current company objectives and resulting projects by awarding special prizes or future mentoring



Foundations that include youth aged 14-25, especially the most disadvantaged, in their target, and who wish to increase their understanding and impact


  • Understand key issues in depth that affect young people all around the world
  • Listen to the proposals and initiatives developed by highly engaged youth
  • Connect with other organizations committed to making an impact amongst Gen Z.


  • Sponsor YCM, especially the global YCM dialogue groups and youth briefings
  • Participate in the conversation with your expertise and debate with youth from all over the world
  • Spread the voice of the YCM challenge to mobilize youth in our network



Schools and Universities committed to teaching through experiential learning, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship, social responsibility and creating an impact.


  • Provide your students with a revealing learning experience and an insider’s look into the world of venture building. 
  • Give them access to the YCM Challenge, platform  and methodologies. 
  • Help them find like minded people from all over the world within the YCM community.


  • Give academic credit 
  • Contribute to the Global Dialogue Groups
  • Spread the voice and invite your students to participate.

Our Partners

Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet

The Global Alliance catalyzes virtuous partnerships of governments, international organizations, entrepreneurs, earth champions and global investors to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. We enable system-scale transformation by leveraging private finance for public good.

The Nawaya Network

“The Nawaya Network works with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds throughout Lebanon to improve their livelihoods through entrepreneurship, employment, economic development, and empowerment programs. Our vision is to empower these individuals by providing them with livelihood improvement opportunities to help them reach their full potential.”

Africa Voices Dialogue

“A space for Africa’s educators, learners and communities to be seen, heard and loved”

The Earth Foundation

The Earth Foundation was founded in 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland, to inspire, educate, mentor, and empower students, schools, researchers, and young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to tackle environmental challenges. Through its initiatives, The Earth Foundation strives to foster a self-perpetuating ecosystem that accelerates positive change towards environmental sustainability.

United Peruvian Youth

UPY empowers the Peruvians youth to create a community of young leaders who, through the exchange of knowledge and implementation of projects, contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

3 Day Startup

“To create opportunity and build community through entrepreneurship education that is dynamic and inclusive.“