What are the pressing issues you see in the world that you want to change?

Be part of the next generation of changemakers!

Design today’s future

Create a positive impact in the world

Learn about changemaking and impact entrepreneurship to go or your changemaking journey

Connect with likeminded young changemakers

Concretize your ideas into real projects

#YCM Challenge 2022/23 will begin in December 2022

The Methodology:
Let's solve issues in our communities together!


Discuss current status of youth and define a real problem that needs solving.


Dig deeper to find out how it affects others and what the root causes are. 


Be creative and come up with new ways of solving the problem.

4. TRY

Make a rapid prototype, test it and gather feedback.


Create a high-impact video showcasing your challenge, prototype and solution.


Take action to implement your solution in your community and beyond!

What’s in it for YOU?

Make your voice heard!  Participate in international dialogues to discuss what matters most to young people currently. 

Learn how to become a changemaker! Apply a proven methodology in order to create change and take action.

Meet like minded youth from all over the world! Collaborate internationally with other young people who also want to create change.  

Have your ideas featured! Receive mentorship from experts on how to iterate on your idea. 

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December 2022 – March 2023

Youth Dialogue Groups

Debate with youth from all over the world on the issues 

you care the most about, hence share your ideas and 

possible solutions. Learn from different perspectives 

and network with talented young changemakers.

April 2023

Global #YCM Challenge

Form or join an international team and start designing

solutions to one of the issues your team cares about. 

Go through a full design thinking process while supported

by experienced coaches and mentors.

May 2023 – Onwards

#YCM in Action

Make your ideas become reality! Implement your solution

and make a positive impact on your community. 

Hence, hare your experience with decision-makers.

Join #YCM Challenge 2022!

Do you want to be part of the #YCM initiatives during 2022/2023? 

Click on the link below to register for the dialogue groups and stay up to date on our events!

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Youth Dialogue Groups:

It is a 90 minute long session where we will discuss the challenges that matter to youth , with participation from young changemakers from all over the world. Each dialogue group session will revolve around the topics youth communities care about the most.

You don’t need to prepare anything in advance. Bring your open mind, bright ideas, and fresh perspective to the table. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @ycmchallenge to keep up with any updates. 

The age range is 14 to 25 years old but eager younger participants are welcome to join. 

No, you are free or participate to the extent you wish.

The dialogue groups are followed by the YCM challenge and YCM in action where you get the chance to come up with and implement solutions for the issues that come up in the dialogues. 

You can join #YCM as an ambassador. Apply on the following link: https://forms.gle/preoci8UCY9uevELA

For #YCM Challenge in Spring:

You can join the #YCM Challenge either individually or as a Team.

Winners will be selected based on the number of votes they receive once community voting is open. We will post images of the competing projects on our Instagram page and whichever projects get the most votes will win.

All projects must be submitted before April 11th 23:59 CET. We will provide you with the upload instructions.

You can delegate a team member to attend the session and share all relevant information with the team afterwards.

It is really up to you how much time you want to invest or have available, the challenge can be completed in just a few hours if you have a good, concrete idea that you can convert into an impactful video.

Your video can be in any language you want, but we do recommend you to add subtitles in English so that you can reach the broadest audience.

The age range is 14 to 25 years old but both younger and older participants took part in the previous edition.

During the final showcase event, there will be representatives from different countries and areas of society: education, business, media, politics, who will hear the proposals and give feedback. After the event, we will promote your contributions on youtube and social media, coach the winning teams to act further on their ideas and get heard.

The winning teams will receive the following:

  • Coaching over the next 4-6 months in order to help them concretize their idea and take action. 
  • 2-3 sessions with organizations that lead social change (such as Ashoka Changemakers)
  • We will organize meet & greet sessions with successful social entrepreneurs
  • YCM Challenge and its partners will promote your idea on YouTube and social media to provide exposure.