YCM is a global platform inviting young people from all over the world to develop solutions to real world problems they care about, in order to be the change they want to see in the world.

YCM aspires to be the global reference for young changemakers and impact entrepreneurs, a platform for the most engaged, the most restless and the most active amongst Gen Z to meet, connect and collaborate.

YCM is a place for them to grow into their own potential
as future leaders of change.

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What makes the YCM Challenge unique?


Participants from all over 5 continents work together in international teams


Led and mentored by a network of young changemakers and Ambassadors 


Think big, start small: teams come up with big ideas and begin acting now


Selected topics that reveal what currently matters most to the youth of the world through global dialogue groups

Winning Projects YCM Challenge 2021

Team YoungSEA

By: Aldi Fauzan Akbar, Iffha Atqa, Dea Salsabila Defri, Kalila Queentania, Minaur Rohman, Muhammad Aizat Imran Bin Asran, Abida Bhirawasiwi

Green Express

By: Luca Momigliano, Pallavi Pohkarel, Mateo Mema, Matteo Jaspert Vila

Become a part of YCM


Become a young changemaker and create the future you want to live in. Work on a project you feel passionate about during the YCM 2022


Do you already have experience as a young changemaker? Have you participated in similar challenges or created your own social initiative? Become a YCM Ambassador!


Organisations participating in the YCM Challenge have a unique opportunity to connect with a proactive Gen Z audience and engage them in their vision for the future, collaborate with them and mobilize their own employees as mentors. 

Who is behind the initiative?

Innova Learning

A branch of Innova Partners, we focus on meaningful learning innovation. In particular, we design life-shaping learning
experiences that reveal the potential and creative confidence of every person: the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams.

YEP Austria

YEP stands for Youth Empowerment & Participation, and that is exactly what it is all about. A strong civil society is more important today than ever – the more people who participate, the stronger we are. In order for young people to become active, responsible citizens, you have to take their voice seriously, because democracy and participation are processes that you can only learn if you experience them.